Maida Out – Health In

Maida is a refined form of whole wheat flour. The wheat loses its germ and bran in the refining process. This implies that the nutrients that are crucial for digestion are lost and consuming maida deprives our body from life-promoting vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. For this reason, maida is often referred to as, ‘White Poison’.

In India, maida is extensively used in making sweets, parathas, samosas, pizzas, burgers, cakes and most importantly biscuits and cookies. A majority of the Indian population across age groups rely on easy snacking options for convenience.

Biscuits and Cookies top the list when it comes to providing a quick ounce of energy on the go. Unfortunately, most of the biscuits available in the market are made with maida as the key ingredient; big brands are no exception. Consuming this white poison on a regular basis poses a great risk to health causing fatty liver, higher levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, high blood pressure, weight gain, progression towards diabetes, mood swings, and obesity.

Snacking is not bad, but eating the wrong snack is bad for health in the long run. You can safeguard the well-being of yourself and your family by switching to snack food that is made using whole grains like Ragi, Oatmeal, Jowar and Bajra. These snacks are loaded with rich nutrients, dietary fiber and essentially carbohydrates and are absolutely free from Maida.

The good news is that there are a few brands in the market today that are building up with an intention of providing healthy alternatives to the junk food around. These brands are also raising awareness of healthy eating among children and providing parents with convenient options. Some of these brands include Mimmo Organics, Pristine Organics, Health Sutra, Gaia, The Bread Company and Earth Spirited among others. So, it’s time to make a wise choice and pack some health in every backpack!