By healthsutra / August 27, 2020

Make Your Breakfast Healthier with Millets

Breakfast, the first meal of the day, ought to be nutritious and power-packed with energy and minerals. With tight schedules...

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By healthsutra / August 20, 2020

Millets – Not Just A Diet Fad

Consciousness about health is on the rise amongst Indians and that’s a piece of good news! Fast-paced culture, work and...

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By healthsutra / August 13, 2020

A Balanced Approach To Weight Management

Have you put on those extra kilos during the lockdown? Binge-watching those favourite series and movies that silently led you...

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By healthsutra / August 6, 2020

What’s a healthier choice – Rice or Millets?

Here’s something to think about. Rice is a staple food in India, especially in the South. However, over the years...

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By healthsutra / March 20, 2020

Maida Out – Health In

Maida is a refined form of whole wheat flour. The wheat loses its germ and bran in the refining process....

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By healthsutra / October 15, 2019

Millet’s for the Modern World

In time traditional food consumed centuries ago has been eclipsed by processed food to the one thing all our diets ultimately...

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By healthsutra / September 18, 2019

Welcome back Mr.Millets

Millets…small in size but Definitely not small in nutrition. Validated by renowned nutritionists and confirmed by our own Prime Minister of...

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By healthsutra / June 8, 2019

Our healthy millets for your wholesome breakfast

Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day,...

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By healthsutra / June 8, 2019

9 Secrets to a Healthy Life that You may not Know!

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis With all the Stress that our Present Lifestyle presents...

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By healthsutra / June 7, 2019

9 Amazing & Healthy Recipes using Millets you should try!

Come feed your eyes, try and also share the best Health Sutra Millet recipes you’ll love. Scrolling to all these...

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