These Millets are Trendy once again.

Like all the ancient empires, India has also left it’s mark in the books of history, by giving the world a SuperCrop almost 10,000 years ago which is still advantageous to every stakeholder, in the form of “Millets”. At one point of time in history this crop was particularly more eaten than even rice.

Millets are a group of small seed grasses grown mainly in Africa & Asia in modern times, this particular crop has the similar protein structure to wheat, making them a perfect substitute for breads, baking etc. They have numerous other health benefits, therefore it is imperative that we mix up our daily diet by incorporating Millets.

What are the types of Millets?

Millets can come in various shapes & sizes, few of them are being covered below –


It is also called Pearl Millet, it is the most widely cultivated type of millet. It is also an important food across the state of Tamil Nadu. It is super high in protein, gives fuel to your body & is great for making rotis. It is a healthy gluten-free option to wheat.


It is also known as Finger Millet. This crop can withstand cultivation upto the altitude of 2000 metres above sea level. And one of the most interesting feature of this crop is it’s storage capability for long periods of time. It also has the highest calcium content & is a staple food in Karnataka in the form of muddes.


It is widely known as Sorghum, the grain that is consumed all over India, due to it’s high nutritional value. It is the 5th most important crop produced around the globe. The amount of land used for cultivating Jowar in India is second only to Wheat. It is also a good source of Vitamin B.

Can I make variety of dishes using Millets?

Absolutely, Millets can be used to prepare a number of varied dishes. You can substitute Millets with other crops like rice, wheat. The higher nutritional values of Millets make it even more fulfilling and enticing to implement them in an individual’s day-to-day diet.

Millets are the Superfood, one should consume on a regular basis, as they have amazing nutritional benefits. They are beneficial to cultivate for the farmers. Also, they are advantageous for the Planet.

Embrace Millets, & make your Diet Healthy Today!